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Local SEO, AI Chatbot Development, Website Design, Lead Generation & Lead Capture Services
Over 25 Years of Web Technology Experience

Local SEO & Ranking Services

With our Local SEO services, we specialize in helping small to medium sized businesses increase their local visibility and rank higher on search engine results pages.

Website Design & Technology Consulting

We help small to medium-sized businesses succeed online by providing comprehensive website design, development services, and technology consulting.

Customer Engagement Tools

We provide small to medium-sized businesses with advanced Customer Engagement Tools, with advanced omni-channel support powered by AI Chatbots, SMS and other cutting-edge technology.

Simple Simon Consulting: Local Ranking, Google Business
Local SEO

Is your business struggling to be found locally? I have developed some of the latest and greatest techniques to make your business be found by the customers that need your services, no matter the industry!

Simple Simon Consulting: ChatBots
AI ChatBots

Need the appearance of 24/7 support? Do you want to make it easier for your customers to easily find what they need on your website? Would you like a system to pre-qualify leads?

Simple Simon Consulting: Web Development
Website Design

Do you need a new website or modifications to your current website? I have been developing high-end websites for over 20 years. Write new content, local and on-page SEO services to help rank high.

Simple Simon Consulting: Twilio/AWS
Customer Engagement

Would you like an automated system that books appointments for you 24/7? A sequence is created with automated text messages engaging the customer with relevant information.

Is Web Technology Confusing to You?

Let Simple Simon Consulting help simplify this for you. I have proven techniques to help any small to medium-sized business rank in their area. I can help your Google Business Profile rank high in local searches, so if someone looking for your services searches for what you offer, you show up in search. Does your website need to be updated and made relevant? Let me either create a new website or update your current website. Would you like better ways to communicate with your customers? I have multiple tools like texting or AI Chatbots to capture and nurture leads.

Simple Simon Consulting: Local Ranking, Google Business

“Todd is a wizard when it comes to what he does. Has helped me and my business grow SO MUCH in such a little time. Would recommend him 100% of the time and his work is truly remarkable. In my opinion, it is a disservice to your business not to utilize what he has to offer. Game changing.”

Shane, Real Estate Agent, Bozeman

Local SEO, AI Chatbots, Website Design, Lead Generation & Lead Capture Systems

Over 25 Years Experience

Simple Simon Consulting is based in Grand Junction, Colorado. I have been developing websites for over 25 years. I help small to medium-sized businesses with local ranking with Google Business, SEO, Lead Generation/Capture/Nurture with ChatBot and SMS tools, Content Writing Services, Social Media Posting, Art and Illustration Services, Integration/Automation Services, Live Chat/SMS/IVR, and create call center technology with Twilio and AWS.

I keep up with the latest trends to help local businesses be found and increase their leads and introduce the relevant technology to automate their business so that their web presence grows.

I can consult on any web project to help your business grow.

I provide affordable monthly service packages on anything your business needs.

Our Solutions

Local SEO
Google Business Optimization, Keyword Research, On-Page SEO, Social Media Posting, Content Writing.
AI ChatBot Technology
Lead Generation/Capture, 24/7 Support
Website Design
WordPress Website Design, Content Writing, Local SEO, and Mobile Website Optimization.
Customer Engagement Tools
SMS/Text, Live Chat, IVR, and Automated Booking Systems.
Search Engine Optimization, Keyword Rich Content Writing.

Local SEO

Helping small to medium-sized businesses to rank high in search is a passion of mine. I love to see small businesses given the chance to compete against big box brands. I worked for a real estate company helping realtors to rank in high-competition markets. I have proven results taking a business ranking poorly on the 3-4 page of search results to #5 on the first page within two months! I have Google Business Packages where for a few hundred a month over a few months, I can help your business rank high in local searches.

  • Optimize Google Business.
  • Upload relevant images boosting engagement.
  • Write keyword rich content for posts and services.
  • On-Page SEO on your website for local ranking.

AI ChatBot Technology

AI ChatBots have evolved. They help Generate Leads, Increase Sales, and Improve Customer Support. An AI Chatbot carries your tone, works 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year and never takes a coffee break. Our AI ChatBots are connected to ChatGPT that automatically pulls content from your website and other resources providing top-level communication.

  • Real Estate specific Full-screen AI ChatBot with rich media.
  • Advanced AI ChatBot for websites/social media connected to AI.
  • AI ChatBots connected to NFC Chips in place of digital business cards.

Website Design

I have been building websites for over 20 years. My main tools are WordPress and the Divi Theme but I am comfortable in any environment. I have built HTML5,CSS3, and JavaScript websites as well. I have built WordPress Plugins, and created my own themes. I not only concentrate on making a website look and function well, but also help it rank and be optimized for all platforms. Whatever your website needs, I am able to fulfill them.

  • WordPress & HTML5 websites.
  • Plugin/Theme Development.
  • SEO and Content Writing.

Customer Engagement Tools

Simple Simon Consulting has created a customer engagement tool that enables businesses to use automated systems to book appointments 24/7. Through the use of voicemail drops and text messaging, this cutting-edge tool allows customers to schedule appointments without the need for human intervention. Artificial Intelligence (AI) powers the system behind the scenes and streamlines the process with intelligent automation. By capitalizing on this tool, companies can remain competitive and raise customer satisfaction rates while saving time and money.

  • Ringless Voicemail Drops
  • SMS/texting building engagement
  • Automated Booking System


Helping small to medium-sized businesses websites to rank high for relevant keywords related to your industry. I do keyword research, on-page SEO, citations, and competitive market research. Proper SEO will help with Google Business and local ranking.

  • Keyword research and analysis.
  • On-page SEO.
  • Test website and server speed.
“Todd Simon helped me set up my “Google Business” page. I am super impressed with his thorough knowledge. Todd is easy to work with and met me at my knowledge level. Additionally, he is a wonderful person.

Karen, Real Estate Agent, Telluride

Package Plans

My desire is to help your business with your web presence. Whatever your needs are, I have spent over 20 years in the industry and know various solutions to help your business grow and succeed. Simple Simon Consulting provides a simple package service where I can do multiple things: create/update/optimize Google Business, write Content for your Website and Social Media, make Website updates, create a new Website, Local SEO, create AI Chatbots for lead gen/capture, and add an SMS system. The basic pricing is $200 for 4-6 hours, $300 for 6-8 hours, and $500 for 10-12 hours per month. We can do a monthly plan for as long as you need.

Contact me today to get started!

Let's find the right plan for your business

Many small to medium-sized businesses can’t afford a full-time web designer, graphic designer, web developer, and local ranking/SEO specialist. Simple Simon Consulting’s niche is to help your business fill in the holes or even create all new profiles to help you get found by your perfect customer. Let my 25 years of experience help your business to thrive!

Standard Package

Client Reviews

“Todd was super informative, communicative and knowledgeable while helping me build my Google My Business page. I highly recommend using Todd!”
“So helpful! Your guidance has helped me take the right steps to continue to build. Thank you!”
“Todd Simon has been very helpful with any questions or concerns I have about Google My Business. He’s a great consultant and offers great insight to the current internet trends. Thank you Todd!
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