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Welcome to our Local SEO Services, where we specialize in helping small to medium-sized businesses like yours succeed in the highly competitive digital landscape. Do you need help attracting local customers and getting your business on top of Google search results? Look no further! We are here to provide data-packed and expert-led solutions that will revolutionize your online presence and drive growth.

Stand Out in Local Searches

Are you tired of being buried in the depths of search engine results? Our professional Local SEO Services will ensure that your business dominates local search results, making you the go-to choice for customers in your area. With our targeted strategies and expert implementation, your business will be in the spotlight, grabbing the attention it deserves.

Drive Local Customers to Your Doorstep

Discover the untapped potential of Local SEO and witness your business soar to new heights. By optimizing your online presence for location-specific keywords, we’ll position your business as a top contender in your industry. Say goodbye to being invisible and hello to increased visibility, foot traffic, and revenue.

Attracting local customers is the key to success for businesses like yours. Our effective Local SEO strategies will ensure that your website ranks high in local searches, driving more targeted traffic to your site. From optimizing your Google Business profile to creating local citations and targeting keywords, we have the tools to make your business stand out.

Stay Ahead of the Competition with Local SEO Services

Want to be the first choice for customers searching on Google? Our Local SEO Optimization techniques will elevate your business to the top of search engine results. By implementing proven strategies and staying up to date with the latest algorithms, we’ll position your business for success and ensure you leave your competitors in the dust.

Competition in the digital realm is fierce, but with our Local SEO Services, you’ll have the edge to stay ahead. Our tailored solutions will give your business the boost it needs to outshine competitors and attract the attention of local customers. Please don’t settle for average when you can achieve extraordinary results with our expert team.


Keep your business from getting lost in the vast online landscape. With our local SEO services, you can unlock the true potential of your business and achieve remarkable growth. Increase your visibility, attract local customers, and dominate the competition. Consider taking the first step towards success by partnering with us today!

Case Studies

A few years ago, I was hired by Coldwell Banker Distinctive Properties in Grand Junction to help with Local SEO. Coldwell Banker had Real Estate agents in 15 different cities in Colorado, Idaho, Montana, and Kansas. Many of these agents are in highly competitive markets. I worked with a little under 100 different agents directly.

During that time, I found some of the latest and greatest techniques to help each agent rank well in search and stand out from the competition. After meeting with each agent via Zoom with those agents outside the Grand Valley, I created a simple strategy based on their specialties. I spent several hours optimizing their Google Business Profiles.

I found that having original branded images with their name, keywords, and service areas greatly impacted their ranking over other realtors in their regions. I also found a variety of different techniques to optimize their accounts by writing unique content for posts, questions/answers, and services; all helped them rank for a variety of keywords like “real estate agents near me,” “first-time home buyers,” and “homes for sale near me.”

I continue to stay up on the latest trends with Google Business. Google has been a moving target for some time but I am able to stay up on the latest trends.

I have found some amazing keyword research tools. I have discovered trending keywords that I am able to optimize your Google Business Profile and do On-Page SEO on your website regardless of the platform. I also have found keywords that are out-of-date and are no longer relevant so will help your business rank for relevant keywords. I can write unique content using this data for your Google Business Profiles, websites, and social media.

I also am working with local businesses in other industries. I recently created a new website, SEO, and Google Business Profile for a Home Automation Company in Prescott Valley, Arizona. I wrote all the content, created a new website, optimized the website for all devices, put the site on the fastest platform available, added SSL, Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools. I am writing new content to post on their Google Business Profile and Social Media.

No matter the industry that your business is in, I can do keyword research to find the terms that people use to find your business, help define relevant markets with market research to find potential trends, optimize your profiles and pages so you rank high in local search. Contact me today to get started!

The Shafer Team
Crystal Chick
Kelsay Heath
Shane Hawes
Grand Junction Realtors

The Shafer Team, Grand Junction

Back in January 2022, I met with The Shafer team. I briefly looked at where they were ranking; they were ranking on the third page around the top 80 for Grand Junction. Within two months, on 03/31/22, The Shafer Team was in the top 5 for the most relevant keywords: “realtors grand junction co” and “real estate agents grand junction co.” They are still around the top 5. Along with optimizing their account and branding images, the key is that we developed a strategy for everyone on the team to get reviews. They now have over 100 reviews which is a big reason they have stayed toward the top 5 for a highly competitive market.

Crystal Chick, Durango

I met with Crystal in 2022. She was a new real estate agent who moved to Durango, Colorado. She worked in a different industry and recently began a new career as a real estate agent. I optimized her profile and branded images for her of the Durango area. Within a month, she was ranked in the top 10 and higher than all the other agents in her office. She continues to show high on the first page of results.

One of the big reasons she ranks so well is the reviews she receives. They are some of the best-worded reviews that I have ever heard. They are genuine. Many were from her previous career, which sometimes Google blocks. The other thing is that she constantly writes new updates, so Google sees that she posts consistently and keeps her ranked high.

Kelsay Heath, Grand Junction

Kelsay was one of the first agents that I worked with at the end of 2021 and beginning of 2022. After learning about the Google Cloud API, I began branding images with her profile, where Google reads the text on photos and determines what is in the picture. If a photo has horses or people skiing, their API can detect it. So for businesses near ski resorts, having photos of the ski resort and keywords boosts their ranking.

After optimizing Kelsay’s profile, she became #1 for Commercial Real Estate in Grand Junction and Montrose. At the time, she was splitting time between two offices and ranked #1 for both. Her profile dominated the #1 spot for a long time, where she received some great leads. She continues to remain toward the top.

Shane Hawes, Bozeman

I have been working with Shane for some time. I continue to optimize his profile and help him manage his Local Service Ads for the Bozeman area. He has had great results with local service ads where he has received great leads.

With the optimization of his profile along with the local service ads, he has been showing up in the #1 spot at the top of the page So when someone searches for “real estate agent bozeman mt”, he is the first realtor to be seen.

Real Estate Agents Grand Junction

I worked with five young real estate agents in Grand Junction. Each are go-getters and some of the area’s top sales agents. I helped optimize each of their accounts and consulted on various technologies to help them stand out.

I helped set up a Google Voice number and connect it to all their accounts. I helped set their phone to have a unique ring when a client calls the Google Voice number so they know it is a real estate call and to keep a separate business and personal phone number. I helped others set up Google Local Service Ads where they have received great leads.

All five rank on the bottom of the first page and top of the second page. I did basic optimization for each.

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